Which Project?

Which Project?

So recently I’ve been thinking that I should really spend some time on just one project and see what I could get done/achieve the rest of the year. My problem I feel at the moment is I’m just dipping my toe in each and not really getting anything done in the time I have recently. I feel I need a bit of focus and a test of what I could get done if I focus more on just one project / goal. 

So basically my projects / goals i have in mind

AmigaNG Website – adding more blogs, content and more media to the site, maybe add more classic Amiga hardware stuff. Goal would be to get more visitors and a better site for Amiga users to point to get facts on whats out their in the Amiga land!

AmigaNG Youtube – make some Amiga videos, have a few ideas.. best Amiga book, Amazing things done on a Amiga, Amikit long term review, A1200 30th Anniversary etc just see what I can film and if i could improve my video editing / performance skills. Goal would be more sub / visitor and improve my editing / video skills.

AmigaNG Social – I have a twitter account with nearly 600 followers, instagram with 333 followers and I even did start a Facebook group which has 10, So spend the time seeing if I could get more followers and actually do something with the Facebook group? Goal get more followers and learn more about social analytic and build a community.

AmigaNG Magazine Special – I did start this two years agos, some of the content was used in the remake of this Website, but still kinda feel I should finish it, basically it be very much in the vain of a Amiga Format Special they use to do on Amiga stuff, but it be Next Gen focus / whats out in the market today, a kickstart would be made for the Physical copy only so I could see how many to get printed / shipped, but I would only do this when I completed the PDF, so what ever happened I could release the PDF. Goal get a mag out their that I could point to for info on the current Amiga scene. 

An Amiga Game – I keep meaning and wanting to make a Amiga game, I want to have another go at my Under Cover game, fix the issue, improve the graphics and game play. Goal get it much more commercial quality, maybe get it reviewed in an Amiga mag. 

So I’m gonna ask my current followers what i should try and focus on and what they most like to see out of my Amiga related ideas/projects I have, this is all very none committed i may get another job, or run of time to do any of the above but I want to try and see what i can get done and curious what you guys think. Thanks

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