Amiga Next Generation Is Here!


If you're a first time visitor, this site is dedicated to covering all the information on the next generation of Amiga computer and operating systems.

With the arrival of the AmigaOne systems, Vampire FPGA boards, AmigaOS PPC & Classic continued to be developed, Aros a Open Source compatible OS, and MorphOS, heavily inspired compatible OS, the future of Amiga has never looked healthier.

All these products need a web site to report on them and this is just one of the reason for this site. AmigaNG started way back in February 1999 to cover news on the AmigaMCC (later cancelled), it is now one of the longest running next generation Amiga focus site on the planet.

Its not official and is not sponsor, but is still one of the best place for your source of next generation information of Amiga computing. I hope you enjoy the site.

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