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General FAQ

Q: What's an Amiga?
A: An Amiga is two things really, first it's a classic retro popular 80s and early 90s home computer ahead of its time and became a hobbyist machine. The second is an attempt to make modern version of what we all love, many have and are still trying to build the next gen Amiga product.

Q: Whats is this site about?
A: This site main focus is to cover all the information on the next generation of Amiga`s developed after Commodore downfall. Mainly looking at the new Amiga Operation System, AmigaOS4 and what hardware it runs on etc. however also cover community efforts to push the platform forward.

Q: Why did you make this site?
A: This site was originally developed in 1999, to cover Gateways new Amiga, the reason was very few sites focused on just covering information on that system, after Gateway Cancelled the project I refocused the site to cover the next main attempt at pushing the Amiga to the future, AmigaONE project and OS4, but then it also expanded out to cover unofficial attempts like MorphOS & Aros.


Q: What is the AmigaONE?
A: The AmigaONE is a the name given to the new Amiga computer made by Eyetech and A-Eon, under direction of Amiga Inc. AmigaOne systems are PPC based and have new hardware standards like, PCI, AGP, PS2, USB etc. that the classic Amiga never had. There are currently a number of AmigaOne boards, the AmigaOne G3 SE, AmigaONE XE, AmigaONE Micro, Sam systems, X1000, X5000 and A1222. This site will cover all them.

Q: AmigaONE is it compatible with classic Amiga hardware?
A: The AmigaONE will be an independent computer and all the classic Amiga hardware / upgrades will not be compatible. However many PC graphic boards and other PCI boards will be supported by the OS. The OS is a direct continuation of the OS however and as such a lot of old apps will run natively.

Q: Is AmigaONE an add on for the A1200/A4000?
A: No.

Q: What are the specs for the AmigaONE?
A: The specs are slightly different between the boards but they are all based on PPC hardware and offer PCI, USB, and other modern connections you expect to find on computer hardware.

Q: What is a Sam, Sam440ep, Sam Flex?
A: Sam motherboards are also compatible with the AmigaOS, the reason they are not class as AmigaONE is down to two reasons, no1 they where not just designed for the Amiga market they also aimed at linux systems and other markets. no2 due to legal dispute between Amiga inc and Hyperion over copyrights of the AmigaOS and AmigaONE name they couldn't be used.

Q: What makes an official AmigaONE if Amiga aren't making it?
A: Eyetech, A-Eon & Hyperion have exclusives right to the AmigaOne name, and are now consider as the official choice for the future Amiga system. However other system can be made compatible with the new AmigaOS (4.0), such as Sam boards and Peagous boards

Q: Where can i get an AmigaONE?
A: Amigakit

Q: What is the AmigaONE G3 SE?
A: This was the first AmigaOne model available, it has a PPC G3 running at 600Mhz solider on to the motherboard to cut down the costs. This board was considered a developers only board, and is no longer production.

Q: What is the AmigaONE XE?
A: This basically has the same specs as the A1 G3SE but has a CPU connector allowing users to upgrade there CPU`s at a later date. Eyetech has shipped all the XE with a PPC G4 running at 800Mhz. This is no longer in production.

Q: Whats the AmigaONE Micro?
A: Eyetech last AmigaOne model, also known as the AmigaOne Lite or micro-a1, it is a much smaller and faster motherboard than the AmigaONE XE, based on micro-ITX standard. It offers a CPU connector, again a G4 800Mhz ppc cpu, but was a lot cheaper than the XE, it also featured on board graphics card Radeon 7000 with 32MB memory. This board is no longer in production.

Q: What's the AmigaONE X1000/X5000?
A: A-Eon a new hardware company set up to developing a high end AmigaOne system, this system will be the first to offer a dual core cpu and xmos chip that will allow custom operations to be done on the system with out any hit on the cpu, it is aimed at the high end of the market.

Q: What's the AmigaONE A1222?
A: A Low cost entry to the AmigaONE / AmigaOS4 market in a mini motherboard form.

Q: What's the next planed AmigaOne?
A: Unknown but a laptop has always been one demand of the next gen Amiga market.

Q: Dose the AmigaONE require an A1200/A4000?
A: The Eyetech AmigaOne`s system and any system running Os4.0 will NOT require classic Amiga hardware to run Os4.0.

Q: Why would I want an AmigaONE?
A: Amiga was and still is 'in my view' the easiest and fun Operating Systems available, its fast, responses and there is a strong, fun community behind it.

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Q: What is the AmigaOS today?
A: AmigaOS4 is the first operating system designed for new hardware and PPC cpu. This is not a new version of WarpOS but many basic feature of the AmigaOS will be upgraded to use PPC hardware. The amount of new feature is has will be the same as OS3.9 but each area will be improved on, in speed.

Q: What can AmigaOS run on?
A: AmigaOS4 can run on Eyetechs AmigaONE systems, A-Cube Sam boards, Genesi Peagous 2, A-Eon X1000, X5000 and A1222. AmigaOS4 can also runs on Classic Amiga's with PPC hardware. AmigaOS 3 contiunes to be developed also, for the classic line of Amiga's that run on the old Motorola 68k Platform.

Q: Will AmigaOS4 have backwards capability?
A: Yes, OS4 has e-uae ported so it supports most classic amiga titles, some titles wont require emulation.

Q: Workbench? whats that?
A: Workbench is native graphical environment, but it is also the alternative name given to the OS.

Q: Kickstart? whats that?
A: Kickstart is the original name given to the Amiga Roms.

Q: AmigaOS5?
A: Originally the name Amiga Inc was going to use for AmigaAnywhere 2, how ever due to a settlement between AmigaINC and Hyperion, Hyperion owns rights to AmigaOS3.1 source and is allowed to use the name for there AmigaOS4 OS, they have recently updated classic AmigaOS to 3.1.2 and soon 3.2 has been announced. Cloanto also owns rights the AmigaOS.

Q: Who are Hyperion?
A: Founded in 1999, the are know for porting many PC games to the Amiga platform and where strong supporters of the Amiga PPC platform. Later they entered an agreement with AmigaINC to continue to develop the AmigaOS. Since a settlement at the end of 2009, Hyperion now own full rights to the AmigaOS name and source code.

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Amiga Anywhere FAQ

Q: What is the AmigaAnwhere?
A: The AmigaAnywhere is a system independent OS, that will run on a wide range of OS and hardware yet keeping all programs that been developed for it running on each system. The AmigaDE uses Tao Elate as a bases.

Q: What can the AmigaAnywhere currently run on?
A: The AmigaAnywhere player and SDK can run on Windows, and Linux OS. The OS was also designed to run on many small devices like PDA, Mobile Phones and media boxs. Since its announcement AmigaINC did make a number of partnerships with companies, however since 2002 no product has launched with AmigaAnywhere.

Q: What games and software is there for it, and what are the prices?
A: There are around 40 software titles available, mostly small puzzle and arcade games.

Q: What is the AmigaDE?
A: AmigaDE was the original name giving to AmigaAnywhere.

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