Sometimes you just can’t go back :(

Sometimes you just can’t go back :(

One of the biggest things that kinda upsets me is I cant go back to some of my fondest gaming memories I had on the Amiga. Its a great shame, but there two games in particular that come mind that I really have tried going back to and re-enjoying but they just don't hold up anymore, the music and the graphics still gives me that fuss feeling and a welcome back to my childhood, but when it comes down to playing them I just dont have fun anymore.

The two games in particularly that come to mind are Wing Commander and Theme Park.

These two legendary titles were games that took a scary amount of my youth. I remember the hours I poured into them, they were amazing to the point that I had dreams about them. I know nuts, right. They're quite different, so, lets look at each,


Theme Park, is one of the first sim management games I got hold of on my Amiga A1200, the idea I could build my very own Theme Park just blew my mind as a kid. The blank canvas it presents you, you had to build the paths, manage stock and try and keep your staff happy. It was all great fun seeing guest running around the park and jumping on the rides.

I remember finding the game very hard to get good profit on my own, it wasn't until I read a little guide to the game in a magazine that explained the dirty tactics you could do, maximum salty chips and just raise them icy drink prices and watch the money poor in, i was too nice as person to think like that. When I finally unlocked the Roller Coaster the game was crazy fun to try and build the nuttiest ride, I had a cheat for unlimited funds as well, so I could really let rip on my designs. It was great fun, I remember a particular long day on the game my parents got annoyed and told me to get off the system and get outside, I grab a note pad and just drew out my next crazy ride to build when I next got a chance to jump on it.

However, going back to it, it’s funny how you kinda miss remember things, the Animations, I thought they were a lot smoother and less jumpy than what they really are. Plus the gameplay is quite slow really, waiting for the next research to drop and the next bit to unlock, I unfortunately now find the game to be a bit boring. This might have been more ruined by the fact I have since played Roller Coaster Tycoon on the PC and I must admit that is a much better theme park sim game in every way, so sadly going back to Theme Park really feels bad.


The other game that Im even more disappointed I don't have fun in any more is Wing Commander, a space combat sim game. The presentation of the story still holds up today, the fact that this game had a different ending and if your co-pilot lives or dies can alter the story is nuts for when this game was made.

So again the music and animations of the cut scene in the game still hold up today, its the game play again I feel fails to get me.

The game runs slow, which I think it meant to really, thanks to emulation i can speed it up, but this make it becomes unplayable as ships take you out before you can get a shot off, or navigating an asteroid belt is way too difficult on speeded up system. But then when you play it more normal speed, it really feels like a chore for how slow and long you spend in the astroid sections.

I have really have tried with this game too, because it was likely in my top 5 Amiga game I loved growing up. I think Im even more annoyed with not being able to enjoy this one as I never found a modern day version of the game that I liked as much, Wing Commander 3 is not bad, and likely Star Lancer was the closest (not surprising really, made by the same guy, Chris robers) I was hoping Star citizen would bring back a great space shooter but it feels like that project has gone off the rails. A real shame.

So its funny how things maybe just get too old to enjoy, I still love many classic on Amiga, some I have even enjoyed more going back to them, one such game is Microprose Grand Prix game, there is just something about the handling and how the game work and it got a charm that over comes some of its flaws, I can still have fun playing a race on it. Lemmings, Worms, Cannon Fodder, Another World, etc these are just some classics that I dont think will ever grow out off.

It just a shame that I cant quite find the magic in them two classic anymore and it both annoying and sad. I wish i could go back in time to re-enjoy these game again. Like i said the graphics and sounds do take me back, but the gameplay just dont hold up anymore.

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