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From wikipeidea "AmigaOS is a family of proprietary native operating systems of the Amiga and AmigaOne personal computers. It was developed first by Commodore International and introduced with the launch of the first Amiga, the Amiga 1000, in 1985. Early versions of AmigaOS required the Motorola 68000 series of 16-bit and 32-bit microprocessors. Later versions were developed by Haage & Partner (AmigaOS 3.5 and 3.9) and then Hyperion Entertainment (who are also the develops 4.x) decied to make updates to AmigaOS 3.1 that became known as AmigaOS 3.1.4.

AmigaOS is a single-user operating system based on a preemptive multitasking kernel, called Exec.

It includes an abstraction of the Amiga's hardware, a disk operating system called AmigaDOS, a windowing system API called Intuition and a desktop file manager called Workbench.

The Amiga intellectual property is fragmented between Amiga Inc., Cloanto, and Hyperion Entertainment. The copyrights for works created up to 1993 are owned by Cloanto.[1][2] In 2001, Amiga Inc. contracted AmigaOS 4 development to Hyperion Entertainment and, in 2009 they granted Hyperion an exclusive, perpetual, worldwide license to AmigaOS 3.1 in order to develop and market AmigaOS 4 and is currently in dispute as to weather this included making AmigaOS 3.1.4 or subsequent versions."

AmigaOS 3.1.4


Taken from Hyperion site:-
The new, cleaned-up, polished Amiga operating system for your 68K machine fixes all the small annoyances that have piled up over the years. Originally intended as a bug-fix release, it also modernizes many system components previously upgraded in OS 3.9.

Contrary to its modest revision number, AmigaOS 3.1.4 is arguably as large an upgrade as OS 3.9 was, and surpasses it in stability and robustness. Over 320K of release notes cover almost every aspect of your favourite classic AmigaOS -- from bootmenu to datatypes.
Some highlights:
  • Over 20 Kickstart ROM modules and many more disk-based core OS components were fixed, updated, or added.
  • Native support for all Motorola 68000-68060 CPUs, and a more robust Auto-Configuration process.
  • Support for large hard disks, including boot, for any OS 2.x/3.x-compliant controller driver supporting HD_SCSI_CMD, TD_64 and/or NSD. Dedicated boot partitions are a thing of the past, even on legacy devices. You can also use variably-sized "super floppies".
  • A modernized Workbench as powerful as the OS 3.9 version, including new or refreshed Preference editors in the legacy OS 3.1-"GadTools" style. Its tools such as DiskCopy and Format fully support large media. Printer, hard disk and many other support tools have been fixed and upgraded.
  • Remember "Diskdoctor"? It earned its PhD and is now ready to reliably rescue data from your floppies or hard disks.
  • The CLI/Shell and many of its commands have been reworked and modernized, now sporting native support for pipes, softlinks, hardlinks and long filenames. New commands support running Workbench programs from the Shell or upgrading ROM modules.
  • CrossDOS and the CD-ROM filesystem are now smarter, faster, and multi-threaded, adding Rockridge and Joliet extensions as well as UDF.
  • Fully reworked, modernized and bug-fixed printer drivers include support for PCL and PostScript, along with legacy NEC and Epson printers.
  • An optional upgradeable intuition.library provides off-screen dragging of windows for native and P96 RTG screens.
  • A colorful, professionally designed icon set is included, along with the traditional four-color icons.
  • Price £35

AmigaOS 3.2 & Beyond

After the release and success of AmigaOS 3.1.4 Hyperion decided to commission AmigaOS 3.2, so far nearly 50 new features are planned, so far here are some of features announced:-

  • GadTools now are font sensitive which is used by the new preferences editor and other system tools.
  • Regarding the print setting now the name of the output device can be specified instead of choosing the parallel or serial interface.
  • The name of the title line can be changed.
  • Windows can be iconified.
  • The Shell remebers commands which have been already entered. You can also search through these commands.
  • The Shell offers an input assistance.
  • There is a new, minimal AUX-Handler which enables tab expansion to also work over the serial line.
  • Unlimited Undos and Redos history
  • Improved Scroll Wheel Support
  • New Modern Text Edit
  • Improved Support for Vampire Boards
  • And More

It looks likely that this version will be CD based release as it will require a lot more data/space than 6 floppy disk that the previous version had. The advantage of this is also they could include third party tools and applications that Amiga community love to have to give a much more complete OS setup. It is not known when it due for release but you can follow and suggest features on English Amiga Board where a lot of the AmigaOS developers post. Link below.

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