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AROS Research Operating System (AROS – pronounced "AR-OS") is a free and open-source multi media centric implementation of the AmigaOS 3.1 APIs. Designed to be portable and flexible, ports are currently available for x86-based and PowerPC-based PCs in native and hosted flavors, with other architectures in development. AROS, in a show of full circle, was also ported to the m68k-based Amiga 1200,[1] and there is also an ARM port for the Raspberry Pi series. - The main home page for AROS is here you can download the core base system and nightlybuilds of thes system.

Aros Exec - is main forum for Aros fan to visit

Aros Archives - Is the main place for software, very simular to OS4 depot or Aminet.


There are many different builds and pre-config setup of AROS for various platform, below are some of the main ones to check out.

Icaros / aros one / aros broadway / aros vision / apollo os / tiny aros


Icaros Desktop is your all-in-one solution to any Amiga-related/Aros need. It is a full operating system for x86 PC with a complete Amiga-like environment which can run on cheap, common hardware or into a virtual machine. Icaros Desktop runs Amiga software recompiled for the PC platform and even native Amiga games and applications, eventually integrating them on your desktop. Icaros Desktop turns your common PC into a full-fledged Amiga-like computer, the one you’ve always dreamt of, back in the 90s. With Icaros Desktop you can bring back the old-days fun, and enjoy a full Amiga-like experience, with today processors power and speed.

This largley regarded the best and the most well supported version of Aros and is the one that I would recommend if you want to try out Aros.

Platform: x86

Cost: Free

Last Update: Dec 2020


AfA OS (Aros For Amiga) / Aros One

AmigaSystem a great user, developer and supporter of Aros has put together a number of handy easy setup of Aros for different systems, Classic Amiga, Virtual Machine and even native x86 systems. It uses afa_Os skin as its foundation of Wanderer (Workbench), it come with a lot of handy pre-setup software/setting so you can get a good start of Amiga/Aros system.

Platform: x86 and 68k

Cost: Free

Last update: 2021 - Aros ONE Homepage - Aros ONE x86 - Aros ONE 68k - Afa One 1.3


Aeros / Aros Broadway

AEROS is a hybrid distribution of AROS ( and Linux (at the moment debian 6.0 for X86 and 8.0 for ARM is used) available for ARM and x86 systems. The main befit of this version of Aros is that it runs Aros on top of the linux system and allows the user to access and run Linux apps as if they where running on Aros. It also had a version focus of supporting the popular Raspberry Pi Platform.

Platform: x86 / Arm

Cost: 29 Euros

Last Update: 2018


Aros Vision

This is a 68k focus version of Aros for Emulation, Vampire boards and real classic Amiga hardware. Aros Vision has a WHDLoad pre-setup and has a handy list of games and programs that are compatible with just the Aros Roms. This is a preey low key base system of Aros too, allow you the user to do the work for customising.

Platform: 68k

Cost: Free

Last Update: 2019


Apollo OS

This is a 68k focus version of Aros squarely aimed at being Vampire boards official OS, largely due to many legal issues surrounding the official AmigaOS, Apollo and the Vampire team has decided to throw support to the 68K version of Aros and make there own fork of it for their Vampire systems. Currently in very early development, but this should hopefully become the best version of Aros 68k due to the extra resources, speed a Vampire board offers.

Platform: 68k

Cost: Free

In Development

Tiny Aros

A fast and lightweight version of Aros designed to be quick to boot and be Amiga Workbench 3.1 compatible at the level of api. Its been designed for x86 computers and netbook computers.

Platform: 68k

Cost: Free

In Development

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