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Easiest way to run Amiga Games

So this time next year we will have a product on the market that will likely be the easiest way to run Amiga games (the A500 mini), but before it arrives I thought Id show off some of the easiest ways to run Amiga Games Today! Internet Archive A huge collection of Amiga software…
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A500 Mini – Amiga Return to the High Street!

So recently in the Amiga world we had the exiting news that finally Amiga will be back on the high street, maybe not as a brand new Next Generation Amiga able to show PC & Mac users how computing should be done as some of us dream about, but as a Mini Amiga 500 computer…
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AmigaOS4 & PPC Future?

It is a shame about what’s happened to AmigaOS4 and AmigaONE market, I feel for the size of the market, the level of investment it had its kind of amazing by what has been achieved. Just think we had Eyetech dodgy development boards, OS4 lawsuit, PowerPC AIM ending (arguably the ending of true PowerPC consumer…
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2021 Plans for AmigaNG

So it the year 2021, Amiga is still here and there one great community behind it. Its kinda of amazing in a way when you look and think about at how much the official Amiga IP owners has missed so many opportunity and have wasted so much time. I still believe Amiga is the best…
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Raspberry Pi & Amiga

More details on a new page here Hardware: Rasberry Pi & Amiga Most people in the tech world know about this tiny all in one Arm powered computer, price from as low as £7 for the pi zero. There has been many interesting little projects that have come out of the Pi thanks to its…
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Website Updates

This page/blog post will be updated every time a new update to the website is made, to allow end users to quickly see if there anything new to check out. A LeaveReality Studio Website

AmigaONE X1000 Review

So I’ve had the system just a little over a week and I thought I’d post a very quick little review of my feeling on the system so far and getting back to an Amiga. At a latter point I might do a more in-depth review for my web site. The Build Up. Rating 4…
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About Me

So I thought I start my first report with a general write up of how I ended up here. Way back in 1988 I believe my parents got my brother and our household our first computer. It was a ZX Spectrum over the years my brother got literally hundreds of games for it but I…
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