AmigaOS 5.0+

What Will the Future hold?

Whats next? it the simple question that this page will elxamine. Over the year there have been many ideas of where the Amiga should head, I will attemp to cover most of the ideas people and companies have had for the future of our beloved OS. The first thing that needs to be decided on for the AmigaOS is weather PPC has much of a future. It ages old debate in the Amiga community, is sticking with PPC really the right thing to do for the OS. Rememeber we are only talking about the AmigaOS here, not Aros which has its own goals. For the imitedate future it would seem Hyperion has decieded to stick with PPC and continue to advance the OS on this platform. Is this the right decision only time will tell, from power and performace view point there is no reason to move the OS only a very few programs and ability need more power than what the the current hardware offers. The AmigaOne x1000 with its dual core PPC 1.8Ghz of power shoud be more than enough to run anything you need to from a modern computer and as more of the world of computing is moving to make the graphics cards do more of the heavy stuff and cloud computing becomes more the norm I dont really see the need for any more power. In turms of future PPC development well we have the console to thank for pushing them forward, with both the 360 and ps3 being ppc based there is still a lot of investment and development of PPC hardware going on. But I see two be problems price and support, out side of the console market PPC support has all but dried up, even linux ppc OS are struggling to keep support uptodate.